Disclaimer: The following text comes from the Dubai Land Department’s RERA Law.

Tenancy Contract

Article 4 – Amended; Law 33 of 2008

  1. The contractual relationship between Landlord and Tenant will be regulated by a Tenancy Contract detailing, in a manner allowing no room for uncertainty, a description of the leased Real Property, the purpose of the tenancy, the term of the Tenancy Contract, the Rent and payment method, and the name of the owner of the Real Property, if the Landlord is not the owner.
  2. All Tenancy Contracts or any amendments to such Tenancy Contracts related to Real Property which are subject to the provisions of this Law will be registered with RERA.

Term of Tenancy Contract

Article 5

The term of a Tenancy Contract must be specified. Where the term is not specified in the Tenancy Contract or where it is impossible to prove the alleged term, the Tenancy Contract will be deemed valid for the period specified for payment of the Rent.

Article 6

Where the term of a Tenancy Contract expires, but the Tenant continues to occupy the Real Property without any objection by the Landlord, the Tenancy Contract will be renewed for the same term or for a term of one year, whichever is shorter, and under the same terms as the previous Tenancy Contract.

Article 7

Where a Tenancy Contract is valid, it may not be unilaterally terminated during its term by the Landlord or the Tenant. It can only be terminated by mutual consent or in accordance with the provisions of this Law.

Article 8

The term of a sub-Tenancy Contract entered into between the Tenant and Sub-tenant will expire upon the expiry of the term of the Tenancy Contract entered into between the Landlord and Tenant, unless the Landlord expressly agrees to extend the term of the sub-Tenancy Contract.

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