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An Employee is eligible to obtain the End of Service Gratuity after completing a minimum term of one (1) year in employment. The Employee is entitled to an End of Service Gratuity consisting of 21 days for each of the first five (5) years of service. When the employment is more than 5 years, the employee is entitled to 30 days’ salary for each additional year, provided the aggregate amount of End of Service shall not exceed 2 years’ remuneration. The End of Service Gratuity for the fraction of a year will be calculated on a pro rata basis. The End of Service Gratuity  must be paid within 14 days from the contract’s ending date.

Days of absence from work without pay are not included in computing the End of Service Gratuity.The last basic salary which one was entitled to, based on the contract, is used as a basis for calculating the End of Service Gratuity. This End of Service Gratuity does not include anything given to the Employee in the form of housing, transportation, travel, overtime, representation and cashiers allowances. The Employer may deduct any amount from the End of Service Gratuity outstanding to him/her.

Part time contracts or other types of work arrangements are calculated to the following: number of working hours in the employment contract per year divided by the number of working hours in the full time contract per year multiplied by 100 equal to the percentage on which the end of service benefit should be calculated. Then this percentage should be multiplied by the value of the end of service benefit due for the full time contract.

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