Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

In Dubai, arbitration is a popular method of resolving commercial disputes. The Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) is a well-respected institution that offers a range of services related to arbitration, including administering arbitrations, appointing arbitrators, and providing facilities for hearings.

Arbitration has several advantages over traditional litigation. It is often quicker, less formal, and more flexible than going to court. Additionally, the parties have more control over the process and the outcome, as they can choose the arbitrator and the rules that will govern the arbitration.

Our law firm has extensive experience in representing clients in arbitration proceedings, both domestically and internationally. We provide legal advice and assistance throughout the entire arbitration process, including drafting and negotiating arbitration agreements, preparing evidence and submissions, and representing clients at hearings.

In addition to arbitration, our law firm also offers a range of dispute resolution services, including negotiation, mediation, and litigation. Our goal is always to find the most efficient and effective way to resolve disputes for our clients, whether through alternative dispute resolution methods or through the courts.


We have extensive experience with arbitration under the ICC Rules, (Paris), DIAC Rules (Dubai) as well as ADCCAC Rules (Abu Dhabi).


Our firm has a wealth of experience in litigating disputes before the Dubai Courts, DIFC Courts as well as ADGM Courts. We represent clients in a range of litigation matters, including commercial disputes, employment disputes and construction disputes.

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