Dr. Ghassan Azhari

Founder and Managing Partner
  • Position

    Founder and Managing Partner

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  • Admissions

    1994 German Bar
    2005 Accredited Legal Consultant, Dubai
    2016 “Right of Audience” at the DIFC Courts

  • Education

    • 1st Law Degree, High Court Düsseldorf (Germany), 1990
    • 2nd Law Degree (Bar Exam) High Court Berlin, 1994
    • London School of Economics & Political Science, London, 1991
    • PhD at Humboldt University zu Berlin (magna cum laude) in Law & Economics, 1997
  • Expertise

    • Accredited German Tax Lawyer, 2003
    • Arbitration & Alternative Disputes Resolutions
    • Construction Law
    • Commercial Law
    • Property Law
    • Corporate Structuring & Re-structuring
    • Merges & Acquisitions
    • International Tax Law
  • Publications / Papers

    • The Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards of the United Arab Emirates in Germany in: Arbitration in the Middle East, 2005, p. 30-38
    • Gesellschaftsrechtlicher Handlungsrahmen der Geschäftsleitung in der Unternehmenskrise (Corporate law relating frame of action of the management during company crisis), in: Betrieb und Wirtschaft 2002, p. 989 – 996
    • Haftungsrisiken bei verschleierten Sachgründungen und Sachkapital-erhöhungen sowie deren Heilungsmöglichkeiten“ („Liability Risks in Concealed Formations by Non-Cash Capital Contribution and in Capital Increases by Way of Contributions in Kind, and the Means of Remedying them“), in: Betrieb und Wirtschaft, 2000, p. 154 – 157
    • “Die Ausfall- und Haftungsrisiken kreditgewährender Banken in der Krise und Insolvenz des kreditnehmenden Unternehmens“ („Default and Liability Risks Incurred by Banks Lending to Companies in a Crisis or Insolvent Companies“), in: Betrieb und Wirtschaft, 1999, p. 23 – 33.
    • “Rechtsprobleme der Gründungsorganisationen kleiner Kapitalgesell¬schaften, Ein Vergleich: Deutschland, Singapur und U.S.A.“, 1997 (“Legal Problems Involved in the Formation of Small Corporations – A Comparison between Germany, Singapore, and the USA“).
    • Colloquium on insolvency law at Humboldt-Universität Berlin during the winter term 2001/2002, 2002/2003 and during the summer term 2002
  • Professional Association and Memberships

    • German Bar
    • Associate Member of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre
    • German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK), Dubai