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Do you think your termination was unfair?

The UAE Labour Law provides compensation of up to 3 months’ salary for employees in case of an arbitrary or unfair dismissal. Such is given when an employer terminates an employee without any justifiable reasons. In addition to the compensation for arbitrary dismissal, the employee is also entitled to his end-of-service gratuity (if any) and salary payment during the termination notice period (at least 1 month). Here are examples of cases of arbitrary dismissals, which may justify the compensation depending on the circumstances: • In case the employer terminates the employee supposedly for ‘cause’ based on Article 120 – without the existence of the requirements listed in Article 120 of the UAE Labor Law – in order to avoid the payment of the end-of-service gratuity and salary for the notice period. • In case when an employee is fired for reasons not related to work. • In case the employee files a valid complaint against an employer because the employer is in breach of his legal or contractual obligations towards the employee (such as not paying him his wages or not letting him take his statutory leave), which made the employer terminate the employee. • In case the employer is in breach of his legal or contractual obligations towards the employee, thus inducing the employee to leave his employment, can be regarded as a form of arbitrary dismissal giving the employee the right to compensation despite resigning.

Employment Details

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*Breakdown has an impact on your compensation for untaken leave.

Untaken Leave The UAE Labor Law provides that an employee has 30 calendar days paid leave. When filling out the box, please calculate the untaken leave during the last 2 years. Example: you started your employment on 1 June 2011 and it terminates on 1 September 2019, you are entitled for 30 days paid leave in the time between 1 June and 31 May of each year of your employment. If you have taken no paid leave in the time from 1 June 2018 till 31 May 2019 and no unpaid leave from 1 June 2019 till 1 September 2019, your unpaid leave is for 1.25 years (30×1,25)= 37.5 days, I.e. Rounded up 38 days. If you are not sure, how many days untaken leave you still have, just fill in an estimate.


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